Ramsgate is a place steeped in history, a place which may not instantly spring to mind when thinking of a heritage destination, and yet it has been home to some of the most influential people of the 19th and 20th Century.

There aren’t many places on the planet, let alone in the UK and Ireland, which can boast associations with figures like Sir William Garrow, Elizabeth Fry, The Duke of Wellington, Queen Victoria, Vincent Van Gogh, Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. These are names you would associate with cities like London, and yet this modest Harbour Town packs a punch when it comes to local Heritage and History.

When the opportunity arose to develop a series of Heritage Town Trails for Ramsgate it seemed the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the full potential of the Useeum App.

With strong links to the architect Augustus Pugin, (father of the 19th Century Gothic Revival) having been the one time home of Expressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, heralding the only Royal Marina in the country and having played a pivotal role in the evacuation of Dunkirk in World War II, there was no shortage of content available.

Working closely with the Town Council, and developing ideas from some of their existing trails, we were able to produce a collection of digital trail guides which would appeal to a broad variety of users. From Blue Plaques to Eva's War, Ramsgate gives an early indication as to what is possible for heritage towns across the UK and Ireland.



A World War II adventure trail set in Ramsgate’s Royal Marina and East Cliff. This Useeum Original tells Eva’s story as she tries to find her place in an ever changing town while the threat of the German war machine grows ever nearer.