Heritage Towns

Museums and heritage sites are not the only places packed with stories to tell.

The Heritage Towns package will help you unlock your town's history unlike ever before.

We have worked extensively with Useeum to put together a highly competitive package for heritage towns across the UK. Our Town Trail offer can help you to maximise visitor potential and build on any existing infrastructure in a way that was never possible before.

The Heritage Town Trail is a customisable package of guided walks, explorer trails, experience trails, games and quick reference guides which can be downloaded directly by the user to their mobile phone. Each solution can either be purchased separately, as part of a package or, in some cases, part funded by Your Heritage through our partners program.

As Useeum is a shared platform, you benefit from the economy of scale. We can provide a bespoke solution at a fraction of the price of a standalone app with the security of regular upgrades, maintenance and access to the latest technology. This means the app will grow with your audience and you won’t be left with dated technology in three years time.

Whilst Useeum are new to the UK they are, in fact, the most tried and tested visitor app operating in Europe. Together we can help you to build visitor growth and encourage greater engagement from schools and residents with their local history.



We were thrilled to be able to work with Ramsgate Council on our pilot Heritage Towns project. An area rich in history and which played a key role in the evacuation of Dunkirk. Their Blue Plaque Trail reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the 19th Century. Find out why we were so keen to work with them and discover a little more about this beautiful Harbour town.