Rex Factor

Who was the United Kingdom's greatest monarch?

We're really excited to be working with the team at Rex Factor. One of the most popular history podcasts in the UK, friends Ali and Graham have set out on a mission to determine who was the greatest monarch of all time. 

Their mix of humour and knowledge has helped them to grow a large and loyal following as listeners tune in each week to see how monarchs score for Battleyness, Scandal, Subjectivity, Longevity and Dynasty.

Now they have rekindled their relationship with Tin Mouse Animation Studios to bring the Rex Factor brand on to the Useeum platform. Are Kings your thing? Know your beans about Queens? Our Rex Factor game could be for you.

Ali's lost in the past. Can you get him home?

Oh dear... Ali's only gone and lost the Rex Factor time machine during another of his fact finding trips through history. He's got all these wonderful tales to help Graham decide which Kings and Queens have the Rex Factor but they're no good stuck in the past.

Fortunately Graham knows quite a bit about monarchs. If you can help him to jog Ali's memory, there's a good chance Ali might remember where he parked the time machine!

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