Rapscallion's Revenge

Protecting our heritage is the number one goal.

Rapscallion's Revenge is a new concept developed specifically for the UK market. It works equally well among ancient ruins and gardens or inside Castles and Cathedrals. Perfect for any site which doesn't have extensive collections on permanent display or where you want visitors to marvel at their surroundings.

Rapscallion's Revenge has been developed by Your Heritage specifically with medieval sites in mind and introduces the theme of heritage protection.

With art work from children's illustrator, Rory Walker, and rhyming riddles read by actor Naoplean Ryan, it's a real treat for young and old alike..

Can you crack Rapscallion's tricky riddles?

The vain and greedy Lord Rapscaliion has a chip on his shoulder. The least favoured of four sons, he's looking to secure his place in  history by installing new works of art and monuments crafted in his image.

Solve Rapscallion's riddles to prove that you are also of  noble blood and there's a good chance you can find out what it is he's planning to replace.

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