Play in the space - not on a screen.

Although our games are played through the Useeum app they mainly take place in the physical space in the museum or heritage site.

Our games force the player to lift their eyes from the screen 95% of the time, to explore the surroundings in the museum, and to find specific places and pieces in order to complete the game.

This means instead of looking down at a screen to complete a challenge or puzzle our players only use the screens to find out the next clue. The technology is only there to underpin a wider immersive experience in the physical world.

We have a number of games on the platform including the popular Museum Mystery. In 2022 we also launched two new games to the market - Rapscallion's Revenge and Rex Factor.

Chose one of our existing games or design your own

With three great game concepts already on the platform it's now easier than ever to find the right game for your site.

The Museum Mystery - Lots of wonderful objects on display? Hmmmm...  Heidenriech will already have his eyes on something.

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Rapscallion's Revenge - Beautiful architecture and space? It won't be long until Rapscallion plans to change something into his own image.

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Rex Factor - Is your site linked to a well known monarch? Sounds like it would be perfect for one of Graham and Ali's adventures.

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A digital game played in the physical space of the museum

Useeum have completed a series of thorough user tests of The Museum Mystery and other games on our platform with children of the ages 6-12.

All tests show that the game:

1. Provides children with a fun experience at the museum
2. Creates curiosity, reflection, and learning
3. Engages the children for up to one hour
4. Is a social experience because it can be played by more than one person at a time
5. Motivates the children to visit other museums and continue the game

One large game across museums

Our games can be adapted to any museum or heritage site. With our themed games it is also possible to link narratives across sites.

Every mission is finished at the current location, however the games can continue in other sites. This motivates the player to visit more museums in order to complete all the missions.

Still want more? We can build a bespoke game for you with your own characters and stories. Contact us for more details.

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You can get Useeum for iOS here.

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iPhone: Useeum supports versions no older than iOS 9.3.5 (i.e. iPhone 5 and later).

Android: Useeum supports versions no older than version 5.0 – Lollipop.