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In 2015 Anthropologist Rasmus Lybæk set out on a mission to create a joint storytelling and gamification app for museums and historic sites in his home country, Denmark. It has since grown to become one of the most popular and versatile visitor apps in Northern Europe.

Rasmus said “I wanted to create one platform for great, app-based museum experiences as opposed to the many different solutions with varying quality offered by the different institutions at the time.


“It struck me that the technology was becoming the key focus. People were being wowed by AR dinosaurs or complex games. They were stood around staring at screens and not really engaging with all the wonderful things around them. It was becomming technology over content.

“I set out to put story back at the heart of the visitor experience. I wanted people to engage emotionally with the spaces and set about developing our first story based games and guides.

Today, a wide range of organisations in Denmark have joined the Useeum platform and are now enjoying the benefits and synergies of this collaborative concept. Useeum is also growing rapidly across Scandinavia and Germany.

"Recently, we have decided to work with Your Heritage to introduce Useeum in the UK to deliver the same value to the many museums and heritage institutions here.

“We have also been working with Your Heritage to develop a number of tailor made solutions to meet the growing demand for historic town trails and community engagement. These will sit alongside our profiles for for museums, historic sites and nature parks.

"From the South coast to the Northern most tip of Scotland, there are some exciting projects currently taking place already we look forward to helping share the UK’s rich history with our global audience of Useeum subscribers.”

Add greater depth to your exhibition

Useeum lets you convey information and narratives about exhibitions, art pieces, cultural artefacts, and places via texts, pictures, audio, video, or games. Everything is conveyed through the visitors’ phones.

This could be a quick guide to the highlights of the museum. A nerdy walkthrough of a niche subject. Or why not have both?

Attract More Visitors

Useeum is a joint app, which allows the users to get an overview of the participating museums. It also provides inspiration to visit these other museums. This makes your museum more visible for other app users when you sign up.

In this way, Useeum contributes to attracting guests from other museums, who will discover your museum through the app.

Appear Completely Unique

All museums are unique and need to stand out from the crowd.

In Useeum, all museums have their own profile, which is designed based on the visual identity of the specific museum. This makes Useeum look like a customised app, even though the basic structure and functionality is common for all – making life easier for the users.

Useeum isn't just a visitor app, it's an emotional journey and guide. Let our professional team of writers and designers put the story back in your HiSTORY.

Museums beware! Heindreich is heading to the UK and he has one thing on his mind... stealing our most precious artefacts. But can you outsmart him?

Our Heritage Towns package is one of a kind and is built on the tried and tested Useeum app. Find out how we can help bring your town's history to life.

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